October 16, 2017

How King Arthur and the Round Table Can Make You a Better Writer

One of the scenes in Arthurian legend I love the most is when Arthur first declares peace in a unified Britain. He’s standing on a hilltop […]
October 9, 2017

When Life is a Raging Dumpster Fire, Lead With Your Ass

Advice is overrated. And often unwelcome. Wisdom gained from personal experience, in my opinion, is much more valuable. That’s why I love the following excerpt — […]
September 28, 2017

How to Correctly Perform Barbell Rows and Chin-ups

Two great exercises that will build a strong, resilient back (and posterior shoulders and biceps) are the barbell row and chin-up. The problem, however, is that […]
September 27, 2017

Don’t Respond Emotionally to Health and Fitness Slip-Ups

Being consumed with guilt after overindulging, and then making extra restrictions with food for the next two days. Feeling like you didn’t work hard enough in […]